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Saving your business money...


Cut the cost of your energy bills today and make incredible savings for your business.

Energy costs...


Pure Energy Solutions Ltd are paving the way for full energy and water efficiency. Our competitive Water Supply Packages are saving our business customers up to 20%!


Consider how much this would save your business and where you could reinvest this money...

We will evaluate your Water and Waste Water spend for your business ensuring your current charges are fair and correct.

We will approach we of the Water Suppliers in turn to engage in the negotiations to obtain the most competitive packages for your business needs, with this we will then select the supplier which will offer you the customer the biggest saving.

Once all negotiations have been completed and you are happy with the savings available we will then start the switch over process – it is that simple!

Bill evaluation

The switch


So, how does it work?

85% of businesses in the UK have not fixed into a contract for their water bills! As of April 2017 water for business was deregulated, and united utilities do not hold a monopoly on the market for the bills you receive and you can now take control of your water bills!

With a panel of over 33 separate Water suppliers, Pure Energy Solutions will provide you with the best packages, ensuring you will never overpay on your energy contracts. 


You need to know...

We provide bespoke tailormade energy contracts designed to meet business requirements.


Invoice and bill validation to ensure charges and costing is correct.

Our services are designed to save you time, money and stress.

our contracts...




Reward Scheme


Having you as our customer means more to us than just another energy procurement, so we give back to you what the suppliers take, with our Energy Rewards Schemes we will show you what it means to be a Pure energy Solutions customer and we will discuss with you how we will reward you for simply being our customer.

Relax, we have you covered...

We have an incredible customer reward scheme.

so, how does it work?