Here at Pure Energy Solutions we want domestic energy customers to get the best value for money for their domestic energy supply. As specialists in the energy field, we can certainly help you unscramble the domestic energy maze and get the solution that best fits your needs and budget.

What is Domestic Energy?

Domestic energy is the term used for the supply of fuel such as gas and electric that you buy to power devices and appliances within your home.

Why do people need to use domestic energy?

Most of us use domestic energy on a daily basis to provide us with power to cook, heat water and light our home as well as to run devices such as televisions, phones and computers.

What are the advantages of domestic energy?

Domestic energy suppliers buy energy in bulk from the wholesale markets and then sell it on to us as a domestic customer. Domestic energy is geared towards homes rather than the demands of commercial energy users.

Who are domestic energy suppliers?

There are many big domestic energy suppliers, including:

· British Gas

· Scottish Power

· E.ON

· EDF Energy


These operate alongside many new gas and electricity suppliers such as:

· OVO Energy

· Shell Energy

· Octopus Energy

· Bulb Energy

Working out which supplier would work best for you could be somewhat of a minefield, but we could help make sense of what domestic energy supplier could best suit your needs.

What do domestic energy suppliers do to help you?

Domestic energy suppliers sell on energy they have bought in bulk from the wholesale markets. They set tariffs that you as the customer pay to receive electricity and gas to your home. Domestic energy suppliers buy energy from a variety of renewable and non-renewable energy sources

A variety of companies offering domestic energy at varying cost provides a competitive market place and allows for customers a choice over who supplies their electricity and gas.

What are the advantages of having domestic energy suppliers?

Domestic energy varies in its demand to commercial energy supplies and requires companies to source and provide energy for homes that have different demands to commercial premises.

Why should you choose Pure Energy Solutions?

As with many products, keeping an eye on the tariff and prices you pay for domestic energy supply is important. The maze of fixed rate deals and different pricing structures offered by the many domestic energy suppliers, can make ensuring you are not overpaying both time consuming and complex.

Pure Energy Solutions are specialists in saving domestic energy customers money. Our knowledge and expert advice can provide a variety of energy cost saving solutions for your household.

How can Pure Energy Solutions help you?

Here at Pure Energy Solutions, we will not only make comparisons on energy tariffs for you and arrange switching where this is of benefit; but we will also look at how you can make energy efficient improvements within your home and check out your entitlement to taxpayer funded payments such as winter fuel and cold weather payments. We will also advise and be a source of information on making use of communal energy buying schemes, joining Priority Service Registers, and help should you find yourself in dispute with your energy supplier.

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