Pure Energy Solutions – Festive 500

A Family At Christmas by Christmas Tree

It’s coming to that time of year where we all celebrate and cheer the festive holidays with happiness and joy, decorated trees, glittering lights and sparkling bubbles but for some this isn’t a happy and joyous occasion.
More than a third of people in the UK say they are concerned about paying for their heating bills this winter, it found 25% of people had put up with “unacceptably cold” homes in the past year as they struggle to pay bills. And 63% of the 1,035 adults surveyed said they had cut their energy use because of rising costs. – This was back in 2013

Fast forward to 2020, the cost of living has gone up, we are locked in the grasp of a global pandemic, businesses are closing and Winter 2020 is currently favouring a colder than average winter by 54% when compared to recent years. It is also estimated at least 670,000 extra people will become destitute in the last three months of the year – a level of poverty that leaves them unable to meet basic food, shelter or clothing needs – if the government withdraws Covid support for low-income households.
Our aim is to help 500 households reduce their outgoings by helping save money and reduce costs, our statistical averages show if we help 500 households in the UK on their energy bills alone this will create an economical saving between £200,000 – £300,000 with households benefiting from an average saving of at least £250, we pride ourselves in being able to put money back into the community and supporting underprivileged families by giving them the Christmas they deserve, helping families who cannot afford to put food on their table and bringing back the magic that is Christmas.
To support this incredible project it will cost you NOTHING, no donations required, all we ask is for you to have faith in our ability to saving you money in your energy bills, by saving money with Pure Energy Solutions you will be helping put food on the table, drinks in the cupboard and in some cases presents under the tree, heck we’ll even throw in a tree with decorations to truly light up someone’s Christmas and create a magnificent end to 2020.
We work with 43 of the UK energy suppliers, all of whom are happy and ready to help save you money and protect you and your family from rising energy costs.
Our Customer focused business model is one that offers Honesty, Transparency and Purity putting you and your future in the safest of hands.

Interested In Reducing Your Energy Bills?

Pure Energy Solutions is here to help you if you are worried about increased energy bills during the Coronavirus pandemic. Contact Us for a free quote for switching energy providers, or to find out more about installing solar power in a residential or commercial setting.