How to Conserve Energy this Summer!

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It has been hard to conserve energy this past year. Everyone has been home. The computer has not stopped running and TV has constantly been turned on. That is before you start to think about the lights and central heating. Not forgetting the washing machine, oven, and microwave.

Now that the shops, cafes, and restaurants are all opening again, how can we preserve energy more efficiently?

“He knows how to conserve energy!” – Photography by Joanna Hardy

Make the most of the sunshine.

Do you have the blinds drawn and the lights on? Now that the days are getting longer, it is time to draw back the curtains, switch off the lamps and let the natural light in. Sunshine is free and easy to use.

The key to making the most of the glorious sunshine is being able to adapt. Position yourself in the perfect place for the sunshine. You know the spot. It is not too bright and not too dim, exactly right. You may have to move to a different spot later in the day as the sun starts to go down. However, there really is nothing better than natural light. Plus, you get some much-needed Vitamin D whilst you work!

The most important thing is you are saving money on your electricity bill, by keeping your lights off during the day.

Hang your washing on the line.

Rather than use a tumble dryer, use the heat from the sun to dry your clothes on a line. If you do not have an actual line or a garden, you can use a drying rack or a chair instead. Simply place the clothes in the sunshine and let nature do the rest.

Again, you may have to move things around in the course of the day. However, you will be saving a lot on your energy bills, as tumble dryers can be expensive things to run all the time.

“He knows how to conserve energy!” – Photography by Joanna Hardy

Only plug in your devices to charge.

Are you currently reading this on your laptop or tablet? Is it plugged in and 100% charged? I have some bad news for you. Not only are wasting electricity un-necessarily, but you are also shortening the battery life of your device.

It is time to unplug and let your laptop run on the battery for a bit. Remember to switch off your plug socket as well!
Do keep your charger close by, for when the battery starts to run out again. Do not run the battery down to the last 1%! That will also harm your computer. Waiting until you are down to the final 20% is the right time to plug back in.

This will reduce the amount of electricity you are using and is also better for your devices in general.

Spend more time outside.

If the weather is nice, and you can do so, why not take your work outside? Do you have a garden, a balcony, driveway, or a porch? These are all great places to work. You could even work from a park bench or just a bench.
Instead of spending your free time watching TV or using your devices, why not take a stroll around your garden, kick a football around or use a skipping rope? Giving the devices a break, will help preserve their batteries, so they are more efficient for work and will also give you a break from the screens. Short bursts of exercise between tasks are also good for your health and fitness in general.

Reading a physical book, newspaper or magazine is also a great low-tech option for anyone wanting to cut down on their screen time.

Work from a Café or Restaurant

Most cafés and restaurants offer free WIFI. Now that they are open again, why not utilise this service? Not only will you be using less electricity at home. You will also benefit the economy by supporting the dwindling hospitality industry. There is also tea and coffee and snacks on tap!

Get a cheaper energy provider!

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